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The World Is a Handkerchief

Thirty short stories about travel, art, and nature.

Dip into the book and enjoy: a tractor ride to Alaska; walking dogs in France can be rewarding; creating a beautiful garden is godly; working on the railroad enlightening; coffee bean adventuring in Madagascar is tense; riding on the Chief Joseph Trail uncomfortable but memorable; journeying to Taiwan educational; meditating in Thailand enlightening; bird sketching and watching contemplative; discover good places to eat in Guadalajara; Coming to Amerika shares an immigrant's perspective; cycling in Germany is a tourist's dream; and many more tales involving travel, nature, and art.

This is a remarkable collection of stories commissioned from new authors from far and wide:
Ian Slater Rebecca Wallick Patricia Parr Brian Tate Tim Burleigh Maggie Hight Dan Riley Luana Gunther Dan Tien Hermann Maag Colleen Donahue

Rafael Morales Carleen Ormbrek Zimmerman Marlene K Parr Kurt Leuschner Anthony W Parr Scott Walker Kristina I Parr Anand Mehta Amanda Bates

Thomas Bancroft Elfie Rahr Maybin Chisebuka Nick Heiting Sarada Krishnan Jeff Newell Jack Atkinson

Praise for
The World Is a Handkerchief

My! Oh! My! What a gift!

I held the book close to my heart, a little emotional and then my heart got bubbly excited. Tony, your heart gift landed in two grateful hands and as expected, my heart smiled heartily. The journeys, the details, the experiences around the world are all blending together in my heart.

Why aren't they more human beings like Tony, I asked myself? Then the world will be far richer and better. No sooner than I asked that question, I heard a whisper in my heart. “The stories are saying look closely, there are many Tony’s dressed in different garments. The book, the stories, are seeds Tony gathered along the way and freely shared to give evidence of deep, deep hope. One man's journey becomes the tillage of the heart from which all arts follow. It’s like many incredible movies weaved together to make a masterpiece. Thank you, Tony, for gathering us together to shine a spotlight on the essence of humanity. You've handed a torch light to me, to go further in my life work of tending the garden. I shall hold soil and seed tightly close to my heart.

You've also given me new members of the family by weaving all these stories together. This summer I'll sit in the garden and read these stories to children and their parents. The thirty stories will then become many stories.

--Maybin Chisebuka, The Amazing Gardener

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