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About the Fox Tales Authors


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Anthony Parr

Author / Illustrator

Anthony W. Parr Anthony is the publisher of Ginkgo Leaf Publishing. He is an author, artist, nature lover and treasure collector. Born in Paddington, London a place he loved and holds great memories. Presently he spends time between Bellevue, Poulsbo, Palm Desert and Frankfurt. Ginkgo Leaf Publishing is the publisher of FoxTales, a series of books involving foxes on adventure trips through the English Countryside, the Sonoran Desert and soon to come more books involving wonderful lands and outstanding escapades.

These books are available in four languages: English, Spanish, Welsh and German. Other languages are to come. In the future there will be travel books coming, including Thailand and Southern Arizona and other Amazing places. Anthony’s artistic works will be on show soon: Charcoal Portraits of artists, theatrical performers, pirates, soldiers, musicians, poets and paupers. Pen sketches of famous and not so famous authors. Watercolor paintings of friends. Oils of cities, countries and personalities. Sketches of seaside’s, rivers and nature.

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Kristina I. Parr and her dad Anthony have been creating stories, poems, and dreams together since Kristina was just four years old. After twelve years of advertising she turned her energies toward children's stories. As a father-daughter team they are proud to present their second illustrated book. Kristina lives in Germany with daughter, dog and fabric business.

Kristina Parr

Co-Author / Illustrator

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