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Welcome to our World.
It's one populated by Foxes and Authors.


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The Foxes

The Foxes are represented by the first book published by Ginkgo Leaf Publishing:
Somewhere Near Casa Grande. A Fox knows no borders, just how to have good time in the desert. Set in Mexico and Arizona.

Next in line and available soon:

Freddie the Fox and the Splendid Mushroom. Set in the English Countryside.

And soon to come:

A Fox is at Home in the Frozen North. Set in the

Arctic Circle.


Freddie Attends a Dog Show. Set where dogs are paraded anywhere in the world.


Image by Elena Mozhvilo

The Authors

The Authors are represented by a diverse group from around the world, gently coerced into writing wonderful stories about TRAVEL  NATURE  ART and… LIFE!
The first book published is:

The World Is a Handkerchief

It contains all thirty short stories by new authors from many parts of the world.
A series of thirty chapbooks - each one an individual short story from The World Is a Handkerchief - has also been published.


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